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Website Proofreading

Website proofreading

Website Proofreading

By Executives. For Executives
Remember that your website is a professional business
document that the whole world can see.



Website Proofreading

Your Website Is the First Port of Call for Your Audience

You've done the hard work of attracting people to your website, but now you're faced with another problem and you're wondering why your website doesn't convert into sales or leads.

Scrifted will tidy up your website copy so that it is free of typos and grammar mistakes. We will also ensure the language is clear and easily understood by an international audience.

Proofreading is also important for the purpose of SEO. You also need to impress GOOGLE and the other search engine bots, who love high-quality SEO content. Content that is of poor quality can negatively impact your search rankings. However, well-written content that is compelling to the target reader helps boost your search engine rankings and increases traffic flow to your website.

How do I know if website proofreading is the right service for me?

If you have already edited your website copy and you are satisfied that your draft is at the final edit stage, then our website proofreading service is best. Website proofreading is ideal if you would like us to remove any spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. We'll also ensure consistency throughout. 


We'll also check your HTML markup and meta tags to ensure everything is clean and free of errors so that the search engine bots don't have a headache during their next visit.

However, if you are in the early stages of developing your website copy, and you want help with crafting a clear and memorable message, then our Website Editing service may be more suitable for you.

What can I expect from Scrifted?

  • We will return your document in "track changes" mode, showing clearly where we have made all our changes

  • We will correct typos as well as fix any grammar and spelling errors

  • We will ensure there are no consistency mistakes

  • We will trace other difficult-to-locate errors that can usually take hours to find

  • We will provide a short summary of the work carried out and provide comments and useful suggestions

What types of website documents does Scrifted proofread?

At Scrifted, we focus on business, management, financial, and economic documentation. Below is an abbreviated list of the types of documents we have proofread in the past. For a more extensive list, please consult our FAQ for more information.

  • Ad copy

  • Business blog posts

  • Business website copy

  • Landing pages

  • Social media copy

What website format is best for proofreading?

Scrifted provides proofreading and editing services in Microsoft Word format. Microsoft Word allows us to switch on the "track changes" tool so that we can provide feedback on your website copy.

Here's a useful guideline when considering our website proofreading services:

  • If your content is not already live on your website, please send your copy in Microsoft Word format.

  • If your content is already live on your website, then please copy the text and paste it into a Microsoft Word document and send it to us.

Concerned about confidentiality?

Some of our clients are startups operating either in private beta or stealth mode in advance of a major launch. We guarantee confidentiality at all times and ensure that your personal and business information is kept strictly private.


As part of our code of practice, we sign confidentiality agreements with most of our clients. We also have signed confidentiality agreements in place with all our editors. View our editor Nondisclosure Agreement here.

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Allow Scrifted to become an extension to your management team and not just a second pair of eyes.  Simply click on the link below and receive a free instant quote today.

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