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Quality Guarantee



Quality Guarantee
Business and financial editing and proofreading services

Our 100% Quality Guarantee

As former senior managers in business and finance, we know what it takes to provide outstanding quality. Therefore we guarantee a commitment to the same level of quality that we would expect ourselves.


Scrifted's 3 Promises

1. We guarantee the quality of our work. If you're not happy, we'll either issue a refund or do another edit until you're happy.

2. We guarantee a human response. If at any time you have an issue, you'll hear from a real human being. Just let us know your phone number and we'll call you straight away to fix the issue.

3. We guarantee security and confidentiality. We will never store your documents online. All our editors are required to sign a confidentiality agreement. We never sell or trade your personal information.

Not Satisfied?

If you're not completely happy with our service, please complete the feedback form below and we'll respond right away.

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Frequently asked questions:

2. What if I am not happy with the work that was done?

3. Can I get my document edited faster?

4. Help! I'm having problems with my word document. 

5. How long is the quote valid?

Browse our FAQ section for more answers

Ask a team member:

If you'd prefer to contact us directly, no problem. Simply email or call us.
T: +44 (0)333 050 8426

Contact Us

For all proofreading and editing inquiries, you may contact us using our online contact form. Alternatively, you may email us at If you would like us to call you, simply leave your number in your message, stating a convenient time to call you back, and we'll respond within 12 hours between 08.00 and 20.00 GMT (EST+5). 

If you're interested in becoming a Scrifted editor, we invite you to take a look at our Apply as an Editor page. Please do not call for information. We recommend you read our FAQ before applying. Once you're ready, simply email us at, and we'll be in contact shortly.

Clarendon House

52 Cornmarket St


United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)333 050 8426

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