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Investment Pitch Deck Appraisal

Investment Pitch Deck Appraisal

Investment Pitch Deck Appraisal

By Executives. For Executives
Are you investor ready?



Investment Pitch Deck Appraisal

Your Future Is Decided in 3 Minutes and 44 Seconds

That's the average amount of time an investor takes to look at a pitch deck, according to a recent Harvard Business School study. In order to capture attention quickly, you need to be able to focus on the most important details, on the right slides, and in the right order.

A badly-constructed pitch deck has all the potential of denying you that much-needed investment, no matter how much customer traction you can demonstrate.

Scrifted's editors will help you produce a high-quality pitch deck that sends the right message to your potential investors, hooks them in, and leaves them wanting to know more.

Why is Scrifted offering this service?

Many of our editors are former senior executives who are very familiar with the startup funding environment. Some editors have a wealth of startup management experience and have closed successful funding rounds. Others are active investors or have participated in the investment process. 

For us at Scrifted, this is just another way of using our years of experience and insights to give back to the investment community. We know how difficult it is to raise funding, so we want to help in every way we can.

What can I expect from Scrifted?

  • We will provide feedback on the 8 most important elements of your pitch

  • We help you create a compelling story that grabs the attention of investors

  • We will structure your deck

  • We will highlight those parts of your deck that are not necessary for investors

  • We will recommend how to structure your deck for different investors

  • We will correct typos as well as fix any grammar and spelling errors

What types of pitch decks does Scrifted review?

  • Angel and Seed Funding Pitch Decks

  • Crowdfunding Pitch Decks

  • Grant Funding Applications

  • Series A (VC) Pitch Decks

What format is best for investor pitch decks?

Please send us your pitch decks in Microsoft Powerpoint or PDF format.​ We will send you our pitch deck review in Microsoft Word format.

Concerned about confidentiality?

Some of our clients are startups operating either in private beta or stealth mode in advance of a major launch. We guarantee confidentiality at all times and ensure that your personal and business information is kept strictly private.


As part of our code of practice, we sign confidentiality agreements with most of our clients. We also have signed confidentiality agreements in place with all our editors. View our editor Nondisclosure Agreement here.

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Allow Scrifted to become an extension to your management team and not just a second pair of eyes.  Simply click on the link below and receive a free instant quote today.

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