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English as a 2nd Language

English as a Second Language (ESL)

English as a Second Language (ESL)

By Executives. For Executives
I'm not a native English speaker, but I want to sound
like one in my written business communications.

Editing for ESL Speakers

Getting your ideas across in the business world is challenging enough. And when you're not a native English speaker, it can be even harder.

At Scrifted, we get that. Almost all our editors have lived and worked overseas and speak other languages. So we really understand what you're up against. It's something that native English speakers take for granted.

We only hire native English speakers with demonstrable experience of working with other authors from your country. This gives us the ability to anticipate what you want to say so that we can smooth it over and ensure it sounds as if it were written by a native English speaker.

Please read our FAQ if you have questions about our ESL services.

How do I know if ESL editing is the right service for me?

Your audience will always know if you're not a native speaker of English and this might erode your ability to keep the reader engaged.

Scrifted's editors will ensure go through your manuscript and ensure a tight, clear sentence structure and appropriate use of words and idiomatic phrases.


If you are writing for a global readership, we can ensure that your writing has an international voice. And if you are writing for a certain target readership, we can ensure your tone sounds American, Australian, British, Canadian, or South African.

What can I expect from Scrifted?

  • We will return your document in "track changes" mode, showing clearly where we have made all our changes

  • We will correct typos as well as fix any grammar and spelling errors

  • We will ensure there are no consistency mistakes

  • We will trace other difficult-to-locate errors that can usually take hours to find

  • We will provide a short summary of the work carried out and provide comments and useful suggestions

What types of blog documents does Scrifted edit?

We offer ESL services for most business documents. For a complete list of the business documents we're worked on in the past, click here.

Concerned about confidentiality?

Some of our clients are startups operating either in private beta or stealth mode in advance of a major launch. We guarantee confidentiality at all times and ensure that your personal and business information is kept strictly private.


As part of our code of practice, we sign confidentiality agreements with most of our clients. We also have signed confidentiality agreements in place with all our editors. View our editor Nondisclosure Agreement here.

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Allow Scrifted to become an extension to your management team and not just a second pair of eyes.  Simply click on the link below and receive a free instant quote today.

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