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Business Editing
Business editing

Business Editing

By Executives. For Executives
Let us help you craft, refine, and tighten your message
when drafting your business documentation.



Business Editing

Transform Your Writing With Professional Business Editing 

In an international business environment, staying on message is more important than ever. Your written documents should convey their own unique style, tone, and voice. But when everyone is collaborating on a document, that uniqueness can disappear fast and erode the sharpness of your business message.

Scrifted's professional editors can help ensure that you stay on message and your arguments are sharp, well-structured, logical and, most importantly, clear. We'll also help you maintain a consistent tone and voice that is unique to your business and compelling for your target audience.

How do I know if business editing is the right service for me?

Our copyediting service includes an in-depth edit of your document. We reduce the wordiness, tighten up your language, and create an improved reader experience, free of grammar and typographical errors.


Our substantive editing service takes a more detailed look at your document and we provide feedback on structure, logic, flow, relevancy, timeliness, and coherency.

However, if you believe your draft is at the final edit stage, then our Business Proofreading service might be more appropriate for you.

What can I expect from Scrifted?

  • We will return your document in "track changes" mode, showing clearly where we have made all our changes

  • We will correct typos as well as fix any grammar and spelling errors

  • We will ensure there are no consistency mistakes

  • We will trace other difficult-to-locate errors that can usually take hours to find

  • We will provide a short summary of the work carried out and provide comments and useful suggestions

What types of documents does Scrifted edit?

At Scrifted, we focus on business, management, financial, and economic documentation. Below is an abbreviated list of the types of documents we have proofread in the past. For a more extensive list, please consult our FAQ for more information.

  • Agreements and contracts

  • Annual reports

  • Blog posts

  • Board papers

  • Manuals

  • Plans

  • Presentations & Pitches

  • Proposals

  • Reports

  • Websites

  • White Papers

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Allow Scrifted to become an extension to your management team and not just a second pair of eyes.  Simply click on the link below and receive a free instant quote today.

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