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My name is Trevor O'Hara and I'm the founder of Scrifted. I'm a former C-level exec with a background in international business, technology, and finance. Scrifted is the only team of former senior execs with a passion for well-presented business documentation. 

We're the only proofreading company run by former senior

executives in business and finance.  

We know what it's like when you're under tight time pressure and you have to deliver that critical document to a decision-maker, your board of directors, or an investment panel. We've been there too.

We were surprised at how few proofreaders out there had a management or financial background. We think this is important, because in a global business environment, getting inside the mind of your target reader is critical if you want to get your message across clearly, succinctly, and memorably.


That's why we founded Scrifted! Because, as former business execs operating in a global environment, we geek out on business documentation!


Scrifted helps business and financial leaders communicate their ideas so that their stakeholders engage.


We stick to what we know - business, management, finance, and economics in a global environment.


We promise high standards. We promise an experienced global team.

And we promise exceptional service.


We're in the business of relationships. We're humans, not bots, dedicated to the delivery of a hand-crafted service.

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This is our story

Back in the days when we were senior execs, we were overwhelmed at the best of times.

Sometimes, we couldn't see the wood for the trees.

Getting business documents out to investors, stakeholders, and customers was always a challenge.

We were always up against the clock.


And we were terrified of missing a typo, a grammar mistake, a badly-written sentence.


But when we sought help, we discovered something.

We were surprised at how few proofreaders out there had a management or financial background.

This wasn't just about words.

We wanted a like-minded partner with a similar background who could understand us.

That's when Scrifted was born.


By management - for management!

Our client focus

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Asset Managers

Business Authors




Economic Development 

Financial Services

Fund Managers


Single-family Offices

Multi-family Offices

Law Firms

Marketing Agencies

Private Equity Firms

Research Firms

Small Businesses Universities

Venture Capital Firms

We focus on business, management, finance, and economics.

We stick to what we're good at. 

Why we

are different


We've been there

We know what it's like to have to deliver documents under tight timescales. We were senior execs too once!


We're international

We are native English speakers from around the English-speaking world. We've led global teams and we're multi-lingual.


Business expertise

Many of our team members are industry experts in their own right and have master's degrees and PhDs.



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Privacy is something we take very seriously and we guarantee absolute confidentiality at all times. We ensure that all our team members have signed confidentiality agreements with us. We also sign non-disclosure agreements with most of our clients.

Your personal information (name, address, contact information, etc.) is guaranteed at all times. We will never share anything with external parties.

All tools at our disposal are considered safe and secure, and documents are never stored online. We also never sell or trade your personal information. 


Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.


We'd love to hear from you

We can reach us by email, phone or online using our contact form. If you'd like us to call you, simply leave your number on the contact form and let us know a convenient time to call.


We'll get back to you within 12 hours between the hours of 08.00am and 20:00 GMT (EST +5). 

If this isn't convenient for you, simply complete the
online form on the contact page and we'll email you within 12 hours.

Chiltern House

45 Station Rd.




United Kingdom

+44 (0)333 050 8426

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