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Business & Financial Editing & Proofreading, For Safeguarding Trust & Reputation 


Your business documentation is a reflection of you and your company. You've only one chance to make a strong first impression, and in today's fast-paced business world, accuracy, clarity, and speed is vital. We can help you protect your hard-earned reputation by ensuring your business, financial, economic, and technical ideas are communicated accurately, clearly, and memorably.

“Scrifted completed the copyediting of our company memorandum to an excellent standard, and in great time, enabling us to deliver to a tight deadline."

— Shane Hart, Ice-Land Group, New Zealand

For Business Leaders - By Business Leaders
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Blog Editing

We'll review your blog posts and ensure that your content is clear, simple, and error-free. We'll provide recommendations on how you can align your content with your core message.

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Investment Pitch Deck Appraisal

This specialist service is for entrepreneurs who want to produce a high-quality pitch deck that sends the right message to your potential investors, hooks them in and leaves them wanting more.

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Website Proofreading

We'll tidy up your website copy so that it is free of typos and grammar mistakes. We'll also check your meta tags and ensure that your HTML markup is clean and free of errors.

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Website Editing

This service is designed to increase your visibility and get traffic. We'll carry out a more in-depth edit to sharpen your message, tighten your structure, and improve your choice of language. 

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Business Proofreading

We'll review your final draft and check for mechanical errors, missing punctuation, incorrect use of capitals, as well as inconsistencies and inaccuracies.

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Business Editing

We'll provide an in-depth edit of your document to reduce the wordiness, tighten up your language, and create an improved reader experience, free of language errors.

English as a Second Language

Your audience will always know if you're not a native speaker of English and this might erode your ability to keep the reader engaged.

Scrifted's editors will go through your business document and ensure a tight, clear sentence structure that contains the appropriate words and idiomatic phrases.


If you are writing for a specific geographic target readership, we will ensure your tone sounds American, Australian, British, Canadian, or South African. If your writing is for a global readership, we'll make certain that your business writing has an international voice.

Scrifted is more

than just a second

pair of eyes.

Our former

executive proofreaders

bring their own

unique experience

and insights.

Business & Management

Annual Reports

Articles & Blogs

Board Documents

Business Plans

Commercial Agreements & Contracts

Conference Papers

Guides & Manuals

Investment Documentation

Industry Reports

Journal Submissions


Marketing Documentation
Market Research Reports

Peer Reviews

Project Management

Proposals & Tenders



Training Material & Workbooks

White Papers


Finance & Economics


Asset Management

Audit & Due Diligence

Commercial Banking

Equity Research Analysis

Expert Opinions

Financial Models & Reports

Fund Factsheets & Reports

Industry Reports

Insurance & Risk Management

Investment Decks

Investment Due Diligence
Investment Reports
Market Commentaries

Pitch Decks
Research Editing

Shareholder Documentation

Social Impact Reports


Venture Capital

Types of documents

Here's why should you should shift to Scrifted!


We're Former

Senior Execs

We've been there. It takes years of management practice to reach a high standard of precision and clarity


We Stick To What

We Know Best

Business, management, finance, and economics is all we do - at a senior level! That means we have a thorough understanding of what is needed.


We've Worked Internationally

We're all native English speakers from across the English-speaking world. We speak other languages. We've lived internationally. In a global environment, we understand the need for clarity!


We're Educated to Masters and PhD Level

We bring a high degree of intellectual rigour, presentation, enquiry and analysis to the table.

Experienced Editors

Our human editors are experienced industry professionals. We've been on the same side of the table as you. 

Rapid Response

We provide fast and efficient turnaround times, often in as little as a few hours, depending on word count.

Guaranteed Confidentiality

We care about privacy & safety. We use bank-grade security protocols to keep your valuable information secure.

With our global network of native English speakers , you can be assured of 24/7 service and delivery in every style of English.

Global Reach

Kill confusion and release


in your business documentation

Have you shifted to Scrifted?

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